MarketWaves  Manifesto

"Past performance is no prediction of future gain, but we will
do our best with massive automation to get above the fray to protect

The firm was born from the ashes of the 2008 post-war American Great
Recession which is still unfolding and is finally subsiding.

Our principals have leadership roles in the Devops fields and have
been or are employed in such wide-ranging firms as Apple, NASA/Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, Toshiba, Wells Fargo, Shazam, Stanford
University and Stanford University.

Our on-staff expertise include Red Hat Certified Engineers, Oracle/SUN
Certified DBA's and System Administrators, and Amazon Web Services
Certified Solutions Architects.

Our goal is to remove emotion from investing while maintaining an
excellent, fully-backtested record so that we can trade our own
accounts profitably and share the wealth of automation with the
general public so that we can get above high-frequency-trading,
day-trading, and swing-trading.

We don't need the "action".

We use the associated systems for our own portfolios and have found
this approach to be preferable and more predictable and more
profitable for us.

We aspire to artificial intelligence combined with human mastery to
deal with the most complex subject of all: human behavior in the
financial markets.