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Most recent update was: Wed Nov 29 05:16:30 PST 2017

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Model NASDAQ portfolio up is over buy-and-hold

We crunch loads of data to come up with the right trends to follow and equities to pick from major United States Financial Markets. We pour over millions and millions of data points, analyzing historical trends to show you where to bet and when. Enjoy the long waves, interim waves, and the wavelettes. Surf's up!

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The Approach

The approach of the system is a wave-theory with heavy backtest on the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX with specific trades in QQQ.

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The Solution

By beating buy-and-hold with less trades, we are one up on Wall Street and embrace an improved Random Walk Down Wall Street...

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The Exception

On the other hand, we present auto-selected equities out of the full universe of stocks which are in mostly long and impressive runs.

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